The new Comet route and its seven buses have launched in Hamilton! The Comet has replaced the 6 Mahoe and 7 Glenview services with all bus stops in this area continuing to be served.  

Bus stops along the Comet route are served every 15 minutes between the Hospital and The Base via the CBD (Transport Centre on Angelsea St) between 6.30am-7pm weekdays and half hourly evenings and weekends.

Comet buses also service the Mahoe and Glenview areas every half an hour between 6.30am-7pm weekdays and hourly evenings and weekends.

Wondering which Comet bus to catch? Comets headed for Mahoe or Glenview will clearly indicate this on the destination signs found on the front and sides of the bus.

Comet fares are the same as Hamilton route fares.


This timetable lists all times for the key stops along the route.

All routes and timetables are dependent on traffic flow and may vary.


Weekdays Glenview to Base


Weekdays Base to Glenview


Please stand at the bus stop and clearly signal to the driver, by raising your arm as the bus approaches. Please pay your fare to the driver. It really helps if you have the correct fare or are ready with your BUSIT card. When you want to get off the bus please press the bell as you near your stop and remain seated until the bus stops.


Times in BOLD are scheduled, all other times are approximate.
◄ = key route This route runs 7 days a week.


Bus stops

Hospital to The Base The Base to the Hospital

224 Pembroke St

188 Pembroke St

82 Pembroke St

48 Pembroke St

12 Pembroke St

6 Thackeray St

209 Anglesea St

Transport Centre Anglesea St

487 Anglesea St

61 Ulster St

165 Ulster St

245 Ulster St

299 Ulster St

397A Ulster St

441 Ulster St

201 Te Rapa St

263 Te Rapa St

381 Te Rapa St

475 Te Rapa St

573 Te Rapa St

671 Te Rapa St

745 Te Rapa St

The Base

The Base

740 Te Rapa Rd

674 Te Rapa Rd

564 Te Rapa Rd

474 Te Rapa Rd

400 Te Rapa Rd

300 Te Rapa Rd

198 Te Rapa Rd

448 Ulster St

424 Ulster St

400 Ulster St

298 Ulster St

252 Ulster St

194 Ulster St

568 Anglesea St

486 Anglesea St

370 Anglesea St

218B Anglesea St

3 Thackeray St

13 Pembroke St

41 Pembroke St

75 Pembroke St

125 Pembroke St

Opp 226 Pembroke St

Hospital to Mahoe Mahoe to the Hospital Hospital to Glenview Glenview to the Hospital

Opp 226 Pembroke St

45 Ohaupo Rd

7 Mahoe St

53 Mahoe St

109 Mahoe St

5 Prisk St

17 Prisk St

37 Prisk St

36 Deanwell Ave

4 Deanwell Ave

48 Saxbys Rd

22 Saxbys Rd

283 Ohaupo Rd

15 Houchens Rd

45 Houchens Rd

5 Acacia Cr

11 Acacia Cr

35 Acacia Cr

47 Acacia Cr

14 Houchens Rd

Opp 281 Ohaupo Rd

60 MacDonald Rd

42 MacDonald Rd

42 MacDonald Rd

32 MacDonald Rd

16 MacDonald Rd

17 Saxbys Rd

39 Saxbys Rd

3 Deanwell Ave

35 Deanwell Ave

60 Prisk St

36 Prisk St

4 Prisk St

110A Mahoe St

48 Mahoe St

52 Ohaupo Rd

32 Ohaupo Rd

224 Pembroke St


Opp 226 Pembroke St

45 Ohaupo Rd

63 Ohaupo Rd

105 Ohaupo Rd

149 Ohaupo Rd

1 Tomin Rd

5 Glenview Tce

31 Bruce Ave

71 Bruce Ave

11 Jeanette Pl

1 Splitt Ave

37 Splitt Ave

63 Dixon Rd

80 Pelorus St

48 Pelorus St

10 Garden Heights

60 MacDonald Rd

42 MacDonald Rd

42 MacDonald Rd

9 Garden Heights

37 Pelorus St

57 Pelorus St

70 Dixon Rd

58 Splitt Ave

4 Splitt Ave

16 Jeanette Pl

76 Bruce Ave

34 Bruce Ave

6 Glenview Tce

2 Tomin Rd

144 Ohaupo Rd

110 Ohaupo Rd

52 Ohaupo Rd

outside Braemar

Hospital - Inbound

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