How to use the bus




Plan your journey

Use Journey Planner to find the best way to your destination. Enter where you want to travel to and from and Journey Planner will give you a list of options with bus routes, times and bus stop locations.

Bus timetables and maps are also available online, from the BUSIT counter at the Hamilton Transport Centre or on request from 0800 4 BUSLINE (0800 4 2875 463)


Catching your bus - please signal the driver

Stand on the footpath near the front of the designated bus stop. Many bus stops are used by more than one route, so as the bus approaches, check the route number and destination displayed on the front of the bus. Raise your arm as a signal to the driver that you want the bus to stop.


Paying for your ride

We offer a range of fares for adults, children and people who are 60+. Using a BUSIT card is the cheapest way to travel. Details are available in our Fares section. As the bus drivers don’t carry much cash on board, please have the correct fare available to help reduce delays when getting on the bus.


On the bus

For your own safety and comfort, as well as those around you, please:

  • Do not smoke, eat, drink or play loud music on the bus
  • If the bus is busy, please offer your seat to someone who may need it more than you – for example an older person, pregnant woman, or someone with young children
  • Relax and enjoy being driven!

Leaving the bus

Press the bell once, as you approach the stop where you want to get off.

Before leaving the bus, please check you have all your belongings with you.

And remember, tickets on all Hamilton buses have a free one-hour transfer period, so the next stage of your journey is often free. Just show the next driver your bus ticket, which has the transfer time clearly marked.