We don’t want you to drop your mobile, you need it for bus timetables and such! So we are hooking some of you up with a pop socket / phone grip at our upcoming events.

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We have teamed up with local artist and Honours student at Wintec, Ahsin Ahsin, photographing his murals around Hamilton and placing the artwork onto pop sockets / phone grips. We’re dishing these out at the upcoming Wintec and University of Waikato Orientation weeks so hit us up for one when you see us!

TAKE THE 8 FRANKTON BUS TO SEE THE KENT STREET MURAL - https://www.busit.co.nz/hamilton-buses/frankton/

Ahsin Ahsin. Kent Street, Frankton.
"This is the biggest wall I've ever painted and actually the biggest painting I've done to date so I was pretty stoked on my efforts blasting this wall out. It had lots of textures and rough surfaces which I use in my own studio work so there was that familiarity but on an entirely larger scale.
This piece to me, is paying homage to the infamous S that you might recognise, back in your youth scribbling away in the old 1B5 exercise books. There's no real evidence where/when it came from and it's still a mystery kinda like UFO's & the Bermuda Triangle all that buzzy stuff but it's been around longer than I have.
I added some characters to the windows; a dinosaur waving, robot samurai, dancing monster and the #chea dino rocking a shaka. These are recurring figures in my studio work they're just fun characters I like to draw. They are neither good or bad they are just them just like you are you and I am me."

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/boonstreetart/posts/ahsin-ahsin-kent-street-franktonthis-is-the-biggest-wall-ive-ever-painted-and-ac/2089546854662627/

SEE MORE FROM AHSIN AHSIN https://ahsinahsin.com/