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BUSIT to Waikato home games

BUSIT’s free rugby shuttle will operate to all Waikato home games at FMG Stadium Waikato.

The free buses run before the game, and leave from Hood Street (outside the Knox St carpark). The buses depart approximately every 15 minutes and travel via Victoria, Ulster and Abbotsford streets to the stadium. Passengers will be picked up from any official stop along the way.

Buses return to Hood Street after the final whistle.

The games are on the following dates:

Event Date Time Shuttle Starts
Waikato vs Canterbury 10 August 2019 7.35pm 6.35pm
Waikato vs Auckland 31 August 2019 7.35pm 6.35pm
Waikato vs Hawkes Bay 7 September 2019  7.35pm 6.35pm
Waikato vs Tasman 21 September 2019 2.35pm 1.35pm
Waikato vs Taranaki 6 October 2019 4.35pm 3.35pm


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