Accessible Buses

To make it easier for you to get on and off, all of our buses are now fully wheelchair accessible, meaning they can lower their suspension and ‘kneel’ close to the curb, providing step-free access.

Special wheelchair seating areas are available on all buses. Often people with prams use these spaces due to the extra room – this is fine, but priority use of these areas must be given to people in wheelchairs. 

All buses on Hamilton urban services are wheelchair friendly. Wheelchairs must be under 250kg in weight and 80cm in width to travel on the bus. The operator always aims to operate accessible buses, however there may be times when this is not possible due to operational reasons.

Mobility scooters are not permitted on buses.

For those that are visually or hearing impaired, the Orbiter and CBD shuttle services have audio and visual systems which announce the next bus stop.

 View our brochure about accessible buses.

Total Mobility and the Accessibility Concession

We also have a couple of schemes that provide discounted or free travel for people with a transport disability; 

  • Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme aimed at giving people with disabilities mobility options. 
  • Accessiblity Concession means FREE bus travel for people with a transport disability within Hamilton and on buses coming from Huntly, Pukekohe, Raglan, Paeroa, Cambridge and Te Awamutu. 

Waikato Community Transport Forum

The Waikato Rural Transport Forum is a collection of Waikato community transport providers and other related organisations and individuals, who come together to share information, network, and discuss issues and ideas around rural transport in the Waikato region.