Depart Mangakino: Depart Taupō:
   9.30  am Waipoua Street 2 pm 1st stop - Toilets/Bus Stop (opp Tamamutu St)
9.40 am Town Centre 2nd stop terminus, SH1-Tongariro St
9.45 am Bus Stop (Last) Rangatira Dr 3rd stop - AC Baths, Taupō
9.55 am Drive Whakamaru Shop (opp Garage) Western Bay Rd – Poihipi Rd, Taupō
11 am 1st stop terminus, SH1-Tongariro St 3.05 pm Drive Whakamaru Shop (opp Garage)
2nd stop - Toilets/Bus Stop (opp Tamamutu St) 3.15 pm Bus Stop (Last) Rangatira Dr
3rd stop - AC Baths – Taupō 3.20 pm Town Centre
3.30 pm Waipoua Street


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This service runs every second Wednesday. Contact the Mangakino Community Board Office in the Library for when the next service will run.


Times in BOLD are scheduled, all other times are approximate.