How to get to school


With 28 routes crossing the city, most schools are either on a bus route or just a short walk away.

Child fares apply to children aged 5-14 and to year 9-13 students with approved school ID, or when in school uniform.

Whenever you travel  in the city, you can transfer on to another bus for free, so long as it’s within an hour of buying your ticket.

The information below is also available in this flyer for you to download [PDF, 463 KB].

Getting there

Explore the map to find out your easiest route to school. (If you click on the image below, you will open a larger map.)

Or check out the Journey Planner on this page, which provides door to door journey options and travel times.

Click on this image for a larger map of school routes.


Cut the cost

If you’re going to use the bus regularly, pick yourself up a BUSIT card and get a discount on your fares every time. Child fares reduce from $2.20 to $1.70 and it’s easy to get organised!

Buying and using your card

Purchase your card from the driver or at the Transport Centre – there’s a one-off $5 cost to pay for the card and then you can top it up with any amount of $10 or more. When you buy your card, keep your original receipt – this has a reference number on it which helps us transfer your credit onto a new card if you lose yours.

You just have to present your card when you get on the bus and the driver will give you a ticket as usual.

You’ll see a figure on your ticket that shows you how much credit you’ve got left on your card. When it gets low, just pay the driver in cash to top it up for you, or by cash or Eftpos at the Transport Centre.

Look out for those around you

We want to make sure that travelling by bus is as friendly, safe and comfortable as possible for all our passengers. So, please make sure you treat other travellers with respect – perhaps even give up your seat for older passengers – and leave our buses clean and tidy.

We do have a formal code of conduct – displayed online, on the buses and at the Transport Centre. Take a few minutes to read this so you’re aware of the rules.

Catching the bus

Stand on the footpath near the front of the designated bus stop.

Many bus stops are used by more than one route, so as the bus approaches, check the route number and destination displayed on the front of the bus. Raise your arm as a signal to the driver that you want the bus to stop.

Explore your options

Buses can be busy, especially at the end of the school day. Look into all the possible routes you can take to get to and from school. For example consider taking the Clockwise Orbiter to school and the Anti-Clockwise Orbiter home again.

Lost property

If you have lost an item on the bus, please call the team at the Transport Centre on (07) 859 0509 or visit the BUSIT! counter inside the Transport Centre.

Need help?

Our friendly team at the Transport Centre is available at the BUSIT counter from 8 am until 4.30 pm Monday to Friday to help you with your journey. Or call 0800 4 BUSLINE (0800 4 2875 463) 24/7.