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Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens


Begin your daytrip with a bus adventure to the Hamilton Gardens!

29 Hamilton Gardens buses travel between the Transport Centre on Angelsea Street, via Victoria Street and Grey Street to the Hamilton Gardens every day between 10am and 3pm.

If you don’t live in the CBD, walk to your nearest bus stop, hop on your local bus to the Transport Centre, then transfer for free within the hour onto the 29 Hamilton Gardens bus at Platform G.

How much does it cost?
ADULT - BUSIT Card fare $2.40 Cash fare $3.30 
CHILD - BUSIT Card fare $1.70 Cash fare $2.20

FARE UPDATE AS OF 30 Nov 2018: Pay your normal bus fare to the Hamilton Gardens, but all 29 Hamilton Gardens trips leaving the Hamilton Gardens bus stop are FREE.

Discounted fares:
• Children under 5 travel for free.
• University of Waikato students and staff receive a 30% discount on adult fares.
• BUSIT card fares.
• SuperGold card holders travel free during off-peak hours – 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday and anytime on weekends and public holidays.

Wheelchairs and baby buggies are welcome on our buses!

Kids! Pick up a FREE activity worksheet from the Hamilton Gardens Information Centre, and see what you can spy with your little eye on the bus.

This route is now a dedicated Hamilton Gardens service, and no longer travels to the Lake, Orbiter, 6 Mahoe, 7 Glenview and 12 Fitzroy services will continue to provide service to the Lake.

The bus travels to Hamilton Park Cemetery on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Hamilton Park
  Hamilton Park
Estimated journey time 8 min 7 min 12 min     14 min 5 min 11 min
  Depart Arrive Depart/Arrive Arrive   Depart Depart/Arrive Arrive Arrive
AM Platform G   10:30 10.44 10.49 11.00
10:02 10.10 10:17 10:29     11:44 11.49 12.00
11:02 11.10 11:17     12:30 12.44 12.49 1.00
PM 12:02 12.10 12:17 12:29     1.44 1.49 2.00
1:15 1.23 1:30       2:44 2.49 3.00
2:15 2.23 2:30            

Times in BOLD are scheduled, all other times are approximate. Hamilton Park Cemetery services operate on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday only.

All services depart the Transport Centre from Platform G.

Accessible buses

Buses on this service are wheelchair friendly. Wheelchairs must be under 250kg in weight and 80cm in width to travel on the bus. The operator always aims to operate accessible buses, however there may be times when this is not possible due to operational reasons.

hamilton gardens route map

Depart Hamilton Park Cemetery/Gardens to Transport CentreDepart Transport Centre to Hamilton Park Cemetery/Gardens

Hamilton Park Cemetery
78 Morrinsville Rd
218 Cambridge Rd (Hillcrest Normal School)
186 Cambridge Rd
150 Cambridge Rd (Opp Hillcrest Medical Centre)
34 Cambridge Rd
108 Naylor St
98 Naylor St
64 Galloway St
14A Galloway St
Hamilton Gardens
15 Galloway St
74 Naylor St
56 Naylor St
34 Naylor St
123 Grey St
181 Grey St (Albert Court Motor Lodge)
291 Grey St
401 Grey St (outside Waikato Regional Council)
51 Victoria St
171 Victoria St
7 Collingwood St
Transport Centre

Transport Centre (Platform G)
Opp 127 Collingwood (Wintec)
2 Collingwood St
206 Victoria St
44 Victoria St
430 Grey St
Opp 315 Grey St (Steele Park)
248 Grey St
126 Grey St (Jetts fitness centre)
35 Naylor St
57 Naylor St
64 Galloway St
14A Galloway St
Hamilton Gardens
15 Galloway St
79 Naylor St
97 Naylor St
43 Cambridge Rd
109 Cambridge Rd
185 Cambridge Rd
211 Cambridge Rd (Caltex)
25 Morrinsville Rd
57 Morrinsville Rd
Hamilton Park Cemetery

Hamilton Journey Planner
Powered by Google. Allow 5 minutes leeway either side of scheduled stop times. Hints and tips
Service updates

Horotiu Assist
6 11 2018 to 21 12 2018

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Whatawhata Assist
6 11 2018 to 21 12 2018

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Bus stop closed
5 11 2018

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Wintec Concession
4 12 2018

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Bike racks
6 12 2018

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New accessibility concession to launch in 2019
5 12 2018

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Raglan bus route changes
29 1 2019

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