Effective Monday 20 January, 2020

We're making a number of changes to the 22 Morrinsville Paeroa service - providing more trips throughout the day.

There are both route and timetable changes to the current service - please check before you travel in the new year.

  • More weekday services to Morrinsville and Te Aroha:
    • An additional return trip in the day through to Te Aroha
    • A later evening service from Hamilton to Morrinsville
  • Changes to the Morrinsville Assist morning service to Hamilton schools
  • Route and timetable changes to take place for most trips
  • Departure times to and from Paeroa are unchanged

22 Morrinsville Monday to Friday timetables (Hamilton to Paeroa, and Paeroa to Hamilton)

22 Morrinsville weekend timetables (Hamilton to Morrinsville, and Morrinsville to Hamilton)


Travelling from Morrinsville or Paeroa, the key changes are:

  • Within Hamilton the bus will no longer travel via Naylor Street or Grey Street. It will now travel via Cambridge Road, Knighton Road and Clyde Street.
  • The 7.45am bus leaving Morrinsville will now leave from Lorne Street. This bus will travel through to the Hamilton Transport Centre via Ruakura Road, Knighton Road and Clyde Street.

-- Hamilton Boys’ High students – please use the stops on Clyde Street.

-- Berkley Intermediate students - please use the 7.30 am service leaving Morrinsville and use the stops on State Highway 26 coming into Hillcrest.

-- University students – please use the stops on Knighton Road, outside Gate 2.

  • The morning service from Morrinsville to Hamilton will now start in Te Aroha at 10am, travelling through Morrinsville at 10.25am, arriving at the Transport Centre at 11.10am.
  • There’s also another new service from Te Aroha at 3.15pm, travelling through Morrinsville at 3.40pm and arriving at the Hamilton Transport Centre at 4.25pm.
  • The 4.30pm service from Morrinsville to Hamilton will still run, but the arrival time into Hamilton is now more realistic – listed at 5.25pm.

Travelling from Hamilton, the key changes are:

  • The first morning service from Hamilton will now leave at 8.45am, and travel through to Te Aroha, arriving at Morrinsville at 9.30am and Te Aroha at 9.55am.
  • The afternoon service will now leave the Transport Centre at 2.00pm, arriving in Morrinsville at 2.45pm and carries onto Te Aroha arriving at 3.10pm.
  • There’s a new 3.30pm service that travels from Hamilton to Morrinsville only.
  • There’s an additional later service between Hamilton and Morrinsville – leaving the Transport Centre at 5.50pm, arriving in Morrinsville at 6.45pm. This service will travel via Knighton Road for the University and Ruakura Road.

Weekend and public holiday services:

There’s still three return trips between Morrinsville and Hamilton on weekends and public holidays – times have changed slightly.

22 Morrinsville/Paeroa route change from 20 January 2020 - map

If you have any queries about the service changes please email us – busit@waikatoregion.govt.nz, call us on 0800 205 305 or come and see the BUSIT team inside the Transport Centre.

Affected bus routes: