A new flagship bus route for the city will launch on Monday 1 April, 2019.

It’s your direct route through the city from the hospital to The Base via the Transport Centre in the CBD.

Schematic of the comet

The seven bright orange buses run every 15 minutes between 6.30am-7pm weekdays and half hourly evenings and weekends. Comet buses will also serve the Mahoe and Glenview areas every half an hour between 6.30am-7pm weekdays and hourly evenings and weekends.

The buses travel a direct route from the hospital to the Base via Pembroke Street, Anglesea Street, Ulster Street and Te Rapa Straight.


Travel times:

Hospital to Town: 9 minutes

Transport Centre to The Base: 18 minutes


Normal Hamilton bus fares apply:










BUSIT Card University of Waikato/Wintec


N/A – you must have a BUSIT card to receive the discount

SuperGold user

Free travel between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday, evenings from 6.30pm and all day on weekends and public holidays

60+ card

$1.70 between 9am and 3pm weekdays and all day weekends and public holidays, $2.40 at other times.

N/A – you must have a 60+ BUSIT card to receive the discount


Comet bus

Affected bus routes: