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Flagstaff North

Flagstaff North


Rototuna and Flagstaff bus improvements

We want to improve your bus service. Who better to help us than you?

Where would you like the buses to go? Do the current timetables work for you and your family?

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on how we can improve your bus services in Rototuna, Flagstaff and Huntington.

>>  Please fill in this survey (external link)  to share your ideas with us.

Service improvements will start in early 2018. 

About the 4N

4N Flagstaff North is a trial bus service that travels from Woodridge, via Cumberland and Thomas Road to Westfield Chartwell. A bus also travels through to Sacred Heart Girls’ College, via St Paul’s College, Southwell School, Peachgrove Intermediate and Hamilton Boys’ High School during school times.

This bus will operate in the morning and afternoon peaks, Monday to Friday only.

Please note that at Chartwell the 4N bus leaves from the bus stop on the shopping centre side of the road.

  Clyde St (SHGC) Peachgrove Rd (HBHS) Chartwell Thomas Rd Te Huia Dr   Te Huia Dr Thomas Rd Chartwell Peachgrove Rd (Peachgrove Intermediate) Clyde St (SHGC)
Estimated journey time 4 min 11 min 5 min 9 min     10 min 8 Min 10 min 7 min
  Depart Arrive Arrive/Depart Arrive Arrive   Depart Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive
AM             7.10 7.20 7.28    
    7.30 7.35 7.44   7.45 8.00 8.15 8.25* 8.35*
    9.00 9.05 9.14   9.15 9.25 9.33    
    10.00 10.05 10.14   10.15 10.25 10.33    
    11.00 11.05 11.14   11.15 11.25 11.33    
PM     12.00 12.05 12.14   12.15 12.25 12.33    
    1.00 1.05 1.14   1.15 1.25 1.33    
    2.00 2.05 2.14   2.15 2.25 2.33    
3.30* 3.34* 3.55 4.05  4.15   4.15 4.25 4.33    
    4.45 4.55  5.05   5.05 5.15 5.23    
    5.45 5.55  6.00   6.05 6.15 6.23    
    6.45 6.48 7.00            

*These services operate during school terms only.

Times in BOLD are scheduled. All other times are approximate.

SHGC - Sacred Heart Girls' College

HBHS - Hamilton Boys' High School

Final Bus of the day continues to do the Te Huia Drive loop (Loop takes about 5 minutes).

Accessible buses

Buses on this service are wheelchair friendly. Wheelchairs must be under 250kg in weight and 80cm in width to travel on the bus. The operator always aims to operate accessible buses, however there may be times when this is not possible due to operational reasons.

This service does not run on weekends or public holidays.

Route map -
 Flagstaff North


Te Huia Drive (Opposite Amberley Place)

1787 River Road

1855 River Road

11 Te Huia Drive

Opposite 36 Te Huia Drive

Opposite 10 Peterburg Drive

Opposite 129 Cumberland Drive

56 Magellan Rise

Opposite 33 Magellan Rise

121 Discovery Drive

7 Farringdon Avenue

52 Wentworth Drive

32 Wentworth Drive

40 Cate Road

212 Thomas Road

192 Thomas Road

452 Hukanui Road

Opposite 403 Hukanui Road

Opposite  373 Hukanui Road

Opposite 343 Hukanui Road

Opposite 299 Hukanui Road

248 Hukanui Road

Lynden Court (East)

Lynden Court (East)

251 Hukanui Road

299 Hukanui Road

343 Hukanui Road

373 Hukanui Road

403 Hukanui Road

Opposite 452 Hukanui Road (Outside Countdown St James)

Opposite 186 Thomas Road (Villa's D'este)

37 Cate Road

33 Wentworth Drive

65 Wentworth Drive

112 Discovery Drive

33 Magellan Rise

129 Cumberland Drive

10 Petersburg Drive

Te Huia Drive (Opposite Amberley Place)


During school times there is a limited amount of trips through to Sacred Heart Girls’ College, via St Paul’s College, Southwell School, Peachgrove Intermediate and Hamilton Boys’ High School:


Lynden Court (East)

52 Hukanui Road

30 Hukanui Road

356 Peachgrove Road

272 Peachgrove Road

222 Peachgrove Road

200 Peachgrove Road

Peachgrove Road (rail crossing Outbound)

108A Peachgrove Road

Peachgrove Road ( Outside Peachgrove Intermediate)

38 Peachgrove Road (Opposite HBHS)

82 Clyde Street

47 Clyde Street

Opposite 58 Peachgrove Road (outside Main entrance to HBHS)

Peachgrove Road (Outside Peachgrove Road Playcentre)

127 Peachgrove Road

Peachgrove Road (Just North of Rail crossing)

199 Peachgrove Road (Opposite Southwell School)

213 Peachgrove Road

255 Peachgrove Road (just North of five crossroads)

359 Peachgrove Road (Near Holland Rd)

37 Hukanui RoadHukanui Road (Outside St Pauls Collegiate)

Lynden Court (East)

Hamilton Journey Planner
Powered by Google. Allow 5 minutes leeway either side of scheduled stop times. Hints and tips
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